Woman Rapes Man Repeatedly

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Woman Rapes Man Repeatedly

Post by ChimeraCreative »

A young hairdresser in Kaluga, Central Russia, locked a robber who tried to steal her money in the basement of the beauty salon. After that, she has brutally raped her hostage for three days. A court in Kaluga has filed criminal charges against both of them, the Russian website Newsru.com reports.

The article, while brief, adds some peculiar details. :willy_nilly:
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Post by CBKA »

"The frenulum of his penis was torn as a consequence of rape session."

Im assumin the frenulum is ther bit that connects the bellend to the foreskin?

I've torn it a few times and its now snapped off completely. Doesn't even hurt.

Just to clarify i wasn't raping when mine went :)

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Post by Mr Wallstreet »

Did the woman climax or was she faking it?

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