Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood

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Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood

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I love this series so much. :chewie:

It's a do-over of the Full Metal Alchemist anime series that is closer to the original manga than the previous series.

Now I haven't read all of the FMA Manga, but the episodes that I can match up with the manga have all been excellent. The animators have brought in more of the characters from the original work like:

Lin Yao

I love this guy! :D

Lan Fan

Also awesome.


Huzzah for little girls who kick butt. :D

There are several more that have been a genuine joy to watch, but I'll leave it to you to find them for yourself. ;) The series was a little boring at the beginning (what with the learning how Ed and Al tried to bring back their Mom, and blah, blah, blah) but it really picked up after that and has been fun to watch ever since.

I give it the full five Flamming Croissants of DOOM! out of five.
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i found the original anime to be a bit slow for my tastes but i loved the characters i will have to give this a try. I thought it was just the same series with a different title but now that you say its different i want to check it out...

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