Superman's new power & costume redesign (again)

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Mr Wallstreet
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Superman's new power & costume redesign (again)

Post by Mr Wallstreet »

Superman is getting a new power and another costume redesign. I can't decide which bothers me more: a new ability or another costume redesign. In his costume redesign, he lost the v-neck collar, the armor and ka sporting fingerless gloves. It still feels like DC hasn't doesnt know how to handle superman.

He doesn't need an elegant redesign with bells and whistles. His costumes requires minimal redeisgn. Losing the red underwear was probably the most drastic thing they needed to do. Giving him armor, a collar and now fingerless gloves just seems...stupid. DC, please keep it simple.


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Tragic Angelus
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Post by Tragic Angelus »

I'm more bothered by the whole new power thing. Super Flare? Why? Why did he need a new power?

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Post by jedispyder »

I like the outcome of the new power, that he completely uses up his reserved energy and is essentially a human for a day while he recharges. The solar flare is an extremely powerful but extreme cases only power.

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