Joe the Barbarian

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Mr Wallstreet
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Joe the Barbarian

Post by Mr Wallstreet »

I vaguely remember this was big for us who attended NYCC 08 or 09 because it was Grant Morisson & Sean Murphy.

Having finally read the entire mini I imagine this is was what people refer to when they talk about "Typical Morisson". Lots of (drug induced) hallucinations, fanastical locations, landscapes, creatures and concepts.

I liked it very much but it took me a while to ather what exactly was happening.

All in all a very good book..

Dd anyone else read it?

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Tragic Angelus
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Post by Tragic Angelus »

I've wanted to for awhile, but haven't found a trade or complete run just yet.

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Post by jedispyder »

I really loved it! And it is very typical Morrison where it's trippy and the switching back and forth between reality and fantasy was confusing for a few scenes.

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Stocky Boy
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Post by Stocky Boy »

I enjoyed it too and agree it's what you might label a Grant Morrison like book.

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