Harley Quinn 0A

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Mr Wallstreet
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Harley Quinn 0A

Post by Mr Wallstreet »

Did anyone pick this up? If so what did you think? Te story was very meh. It was really, really lackluster. It's only redeeming factor was the art.

I'm a fan of Palmiotti and Conner but I mostly picked this up because of the ridiculous number of artists on this issue. If nothing else, I get to see old favorites, new talent and can get it signed at a con by a boatload of people.

I'm not entirely sold on this so we'll see.

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Post by jedispyder »

I got it but haven't read it yet. The bits and pieces I saw didn't "wow" me that much. I'll flip through issue 1 before deciding whether to get it or not.

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Post by XIII »

I enjoyed this issue a lot but would have liked it even more if it had contained the Paul Pope page that was supposed to be in there when they solicited the book 3 months ago.

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