Joker's Daughter #1 [spoilers]

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Joker's Daughter #1 [spoilers]

Post by jedispyder »

Anyone else think this was pretty bad? Ann Nocenti usually can write but this is definitely an exception, the dialogue just felt forced a lot of the time.

The origin felt similar to that of the new Ventriloquist, if I remember correctly. That one featured her describing how perfect everything was while the art showed how horrible it really was with what she did. Exactly like this issue showed.

And I normally love Georges Jeanty's work on Buffy but his style just did not match this issue, and it seemed like it didn't mesh well with the storytelling. Some of the action scenes just fell flat for me, almost like the characters were posing instead.

And seriously, how ridiculous was the story? Duella overtakes all the men my branding them with the metal to give them a hot poker. Now suddenly everyone is following her with really no questions. Really?

Overall, I'd say it's a very overrated book.

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